Bike Team

What is the Bike Team?

Comprised primarily of Explorers and Explorer Advisors, the Bike Team is deployed during various town events such as parades and races. Utilizing bicycles allows for quicker access to medical calls for aid, such as on dirt paths or sidewalks. This allows for us to assist the public at such events with needed medical attention. If required the bike team can standby and aid a patient until one of our ambulances can respond to the scene and transport the patient to a hospital.

All members of the bike team are CPR and First Aid certified, and many are certified Emergency Medical Responders.

All bike team events are supervised by one of our qualified Explorer Advisors who are members of PVAC certified as EMT's and EMR's.


Our bike team utilizes Trek bicycles, each equipped with their own medical bags and radios.

Each member of the bike team is outfitted with a helmet and high-visibility uniform for safety.


Mark Collins, Head Advisor

Kyle Konopaske, Secondary Advisor