Primary BLS Ambulance

GMC 4500 built by Life Line

This ambulance is equipped with the necessary tools for us to respond fully equipped to medical emergencies.

-On-board oxygen supply system

-Latest in LED emergency lighting technology

-Power-lift stretcher systems




Secondary BLS Ambulance

 2019 Ford AEV Trauma Hawk style ambulance built by Eastford Fire & Rescue Sale.

State of the art ambulance with latest LED and safety technology.

-Safety restraints

-Upgraded siren mechanism.

-Power-lift stretcher systems.

In service 2/2019.



Specialty Events Vehicle

2010 Horton Ambulance built on an International Chassis. It has the latest in EMS vehicle technology a full led package, air bag system, full harness restraint system in back patient compartment, digital control panels, airbag lowering system, larger cabinet and storage space. Custom built for the PVAC by Greenwood Emergency Vehicles

This vehicle served the town of Plymouth well during the time of 4/2010-2/2019. 


Command Support Vehicle

2002 Ford Expedition used as a support vehicle. 

What do you use an SUV for?

-Command support on the scene of a medical call such as motor vehicle accidents

- Event coverage

-Fire Standby (When the Fire Department responds to a fire and needs more EMS personnel on scene to assist with rehabilitation of our Firefighters)