Frequently Asked Questions


What does BLS stand for?

BLS stands for "Basic Life Support." The Plymouth Volunteer Ambulance Corps is a BLS service, that calls for aid from a Bristol or AMR Paramedic when "Advanced Life Support" is needed.

What is a mutual aid agreement?

"Mutual Aid" refers to assistance from one town to another for a variety of services. The Town of Plymouth has standing mutual aid agreements with Thomaston and Bristol. If they require an additional ambulance for an emergency situation we're there to help! Likewise, if we ever require an additional ambulance in town they will send one!

How many calls for service do you get every year?

As expected every year is different. Our call volume within the past few years has ranged from around 1,300 to 1,400 calls for service annually.

Do you provide coverage for special events?

We provide Emergency Medical Coverage for various town events to include: the Terryville Fair, road races, parades, and many more!

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